Caress Morrell (born Cassandra Morrell) is Alexis Colby's crafty sister, who shows up after being released from a Venezualan prison. She believes her sister, with the help of her friend Zachary Powers, put her there for the murder of Zack's wife, so she's hungry for revenge and tries to publish her own book and to embarrass Alexis by exposing all rotten things she did.

Prepared to come up against her sister's vile schemes, Caress helps Blake to regain Denver-Carrington, Alexis and Blake stole from him deceitfully. Ben has Caress kidnapped and sent back to prison in Venezuela, nevertheless, at the request of Blake Carrington, Dex and Clay along with the group of commandos rescue her.

More furious than before, Caress is now willing to utilize Emilly's knowledge of Ellen's death and to disclose the needful information on Ben's trickery regardless of Emilly's mental state. After Emilly's tragical death, Carres manages to straighten things, up to a level, with Alexis and then leaves Denver.


  • Author, who wrote Sister Dearest: The Story of Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter
  • Society Columnist for The Denver Mirror

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