Tom Carrington (deceased)

m. Ellen Lucy Fallon(deceased)

c. Blake Carrington

m. Alexis Morrell

c. Adam Carrington

m. Dana Waring

c. Fallon Carrington

m. Jeff Colby

c. Blake Carrington Colby

c. Lauren Constance Colby

m. Miles Colby

c. Steven Carrington

m. Sammy Jo Dean

c. Daniel Carrington

c. Amanda Carrington

m. Prince Michael of Moldavia

m. Krystle Jennings

c. Krystina Carrington

c. Ben Carrington

m. Melissa

c. Leslie Carrington

a. Laura Matthews (deceased)

c. Dominique Deveraux (born Millie Cox)

a. Garret Boydston

m. Jacqueline Deveraux

m. Brady Lloyd

e. Nick Kimball

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